Power Flushing

Does My Central Heating Need Power Flushing

Rust occurs in all central heating systems producing a black (iron oxide) sludge, as this builds up, as well as a dramatic drop in efficiancy to your appliance it can substantialy shorten the life of your boiler and external controls and in some cases invalidate any warranty it can also cause some of the following problems

Radiators cold at top and need bleeding due to gases, a by product of rusting.


Dirty black or brown water present when bleeding radiators confirms system corrosion.

Radiators cold at bottom due to black sludge.

Radiators cold all over due to blocked valves and pipes.

Irritating boiler noise from sludge or lime scale build up, a warning sign of imminent costly problems.

Little or no hot water due to blocked pipes and heat exchangers.

Boiler cutting out and no circulation due to blocked pump.

Power Flushing your central heating system will remove the debris, and will guarantee the efficient operation of your system, saving on your household bills too. Power Flushingyour central heating provides long term protection. we carry out all our flushes using fernox or sentinel flushing chemicals and at the end of the job inhibitor is added to your system to protect it over the long term.

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